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Lyons Motor Car founder Kevin W. Lyons is a graphic designer and a graduate of The School of Visual Arts in New York City. Raised as a fine artist, he began his artistic education at the age of four, this included studies of the Renaissance masters as well as modern art. These studies covered not only fine art and design, but the sciences of human physiology, orthopedic medicine, anatomy and biomechanics as popularized by the history of Leonardo DaVinci.

Graphic design was Kevin’s early profession.  Early in his career, he was granted the opportunity to become graphic designer at J.CREW under the auspices of Arthur Cinader, founder and former CEO of J.CREW. Kevin led his team as senior designer for the re-creation of the company logo (from J.CREW Outfitters to J.CREW) and company branding. Amidst his graphic design career, Kevin grew in to car design and fabrication one of his hobbies taught by his father. Mr. Lyon’s graphic design career hit a high point as Design Director at Cosmopolitan Magazine for infamous Editor-In-Chief Helen Gurly Brown. Eventually he moved on to explore custom automotive design & fabrication as a full-time vocation. Kevin's car building dreams crashed when he was told he had stage four lymphoma and later diagnosed with sarcoidosis in 1995. It was a six-year battle for Kevin to regain his health via health, fitness and holistic education.


Kevin's true passion is the art of the automobile where the combination of design engineering, fabrication, artistic creativity and intricate execution all come together. After regaining his health he set out on a mission: reverse engineer and build a Lamborghini to exact original equipment specifications without using any of the original Lamborghini parts by making each part by hand as the factory did from chassis and body to wheel suspension. He set out to and achieved a mentionable popularity and following thereafter. The result was a first place award and “Best In Show” at the 2008 Carlisle Replica And Import Nationals Car Show in Harrisburg PA. Unassisted, Kevin established this project as a monument of his design engineering acumen and his fabrication expertise. This ignited the inspiration for creating an automobile with his own name on it as other visionary’s before him have done, guided his father who he lost in 2013.  see more. 

"In Every Revolution There's One Man With A Vision"     

                                                             –Kevin W, Lyons    

Our Executive Management Team  

Natasha Young  MBA     

  Chief Marketing Officer                 

Bryan Lyons

Head of Operations

Luis Perez

Executive Creative Director

Timothy J Elliot

Head Design Engineer